A little more alive.
Who we are and why.

Color is based on an idea.

An idea that everything is better when you dare to show a more vulnerable and human side. And dare to meet other people as human beings.

This is something that's obvious in both what we deliver and how we do it. And something we are convinced makes us both better at what we do and easier to work with. For our customers and partners as well as for ourselves.

That is who we are. Welcome to Color.  
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Daniel Emgård, founder

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Our USP:
We're all human beings

It penetrates both what we do and how we do it. 

In our job, we start with architectural plans, sterile specs and control documents and transform them into something that people can both embrace and love. Something that feels beautiful, warm and welcoming. 

We also know that the way to get there is through other people. It may sound like a simplistic insight, but we know that everyone we work with – customers, partners and not least ourselves – are actually human beings. And that we're at our best when we treat each other as such. 

Because we're doing this together. Like the human beings we are.

Where two worlds meet Welcome to Shweshweden

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Color is a brand that lives in the contrasts. 

We have one foot in the Scandinavian minimalism and the other in the South African diversity. Here, the clinically beautiful meets the intensely colorful. The raw concrete and the draped walls. The Swedish granite and the South African shweshwe* 

You'll see this both in who we are and how we work. We incorporate both structure and flexibility. Business and humor. Brains and heart.

And we never compromise with the quality of what we do nor on how we behave towards the people we work with.

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Shweshwe is (besides being a bit tricky to spell!) a type of printed fabric from South Africa that is characterized by refined geometric patterns. The fabrics were originally indigo colored but are available today in a whole host of vibrant colors.

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change"

Brené Brown

If something is to be perfect, one must dare to make mistakes

We have extremely high ambitions. Regardless of budget or preconditions, we are determined to do our absolute best to ensure that the result is as good as it can ever be.  

Does that mean we're perfectionists? Not really. 

Because we know that you cannot do something extraordinary by never making any mistakes. If you're going to do something new, you can't just rely on what you've done before. In that case one must dare to fail. 

It's only then that we can do something better than we have ever done before.

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